Print, Heat Transfer & Embroidery

Digital Print

Digital Print is an inkjet-based method of printing directly onto the fabric.

The good thing about Digital Print is that it can print almost any design on most types of fabrics.

Digital Print can print artworks in high resolution, details, and unlimited colors, which makes it cost-effective for printing.

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is a process where dye pigment is printed onto a transfer medium and then applied to the fabric or garment using heat and pressure.

This process allows the inks to fully penetrate the fabric to create a permanent and full color image that has no hand feel.

Dye Sublimation print can produce artworks in full color, high-quality photographic print results and are resistant to scratching or cracking.

We use Dye Sublimation printing as the default printing method for printing on polyester fabrics.

Screen Print

Screen Print, as the name implies, uses screens as stencils for applying layers of inks onto the print surface.

It is the most cost-effective method for having artwork printed on garments in bulk with high-quality results. Screen Prints are very durable and last for a long time even after multiple washes.

Each screen can only be used for 1 colour at a time and for artworks with more than 4 colours, screen-printing will not be cost-efficient due to the high set-up costs of having screens made. 

We offer several types of screen printing; Water-Based Ink & Plastisol-Based Ink Screen Print. Scroll further for more info.

Water-Based Ink Screen Print

Water-Based Inks Screen Printing is our default screen printing method for printing on light-colored fabrics. These inks have pigment embedded in a water-based solvent, making it an eco-friendly printing method. Water-Based Ink Screen Prints offer an ultra-soft hand feel, as the inks are actually absorbed into the fabrics.

Metallic Ink Screen Print

Metallic Inks are used to providing a metallic appearance on the garment. It is similar to metallic foil print but without the shiny appearance.

Metallic Foil Screen Print

Metallic Foil Screen Printing is similar to metallic inks but with a shiny appearance. It can only be printed on natural fabrics and have a limitation of 1 color per artwork. Foil print will fade over time with multiple washes as they are applied using adhesives and foil. All foil printed designs should be washed inside out to prolong the longevity of the print.

Heat Transfer Print

Heat Transfer Prints are basically plastisol inks that are printed onto transfer paper or vinyl and applied to a garment using heat and pressure. As heat transfer uses plastisol inks, there will be a thin layer that can be felt by hand.

Plastisol-Based Ink Screen Print

Plastisol-Based Inks Screen Printing is our default screen printing method for printing on dark coloured fabrics. Plastisol-Based Inks are a PVC based type of ink that is cured by high temperature for it to set. They offer long-lasting and the best colour results and can be easily matched with Pantone or PMS colours. Plastisol inks will leave a thin film over the fabric, which can be felt by hand and have a thicker feel as compared to water-based ink screen print.

Waterproof Zipper

Cover the back of the nylon zipper with a layer of PU coating to achieve the water repellent effect. There are two kinds of coatings to choose from: transparent/sub-gloss transparent film, which provides the elegant appearance of your products.

Laser Engraving Decorative Film

Dazzling, changing colors, colorful, part of the metal light, completely covering the original color;

Fast processing without plate making, saving the time and cost of plate making, it is desirable immediately, saving manpower and material resources;

The packaging in rolls allows you to engrave as much as you want, maximize the use of corner materials, avoid waste, and control the cost;

Resistance to rubbing and washing;

It does not open in high and low temperature environment, it is not resistant to rubber and sunlight and does not fade;

The materials used in the film are environmentally friendly materials;

It can be overprinted to increase the chromaticity and change of the substrate, and the color of the color will not be unknown, as long as the visible color can be restored, it has fine washing fastness and viscose water fastness after being visible degree.

Embroidery - Direct On Garment       

Embroidery - Patch

Embroidery is the art of using thread or yarn to stitch patterns on fabrics. They are long lasting and offer a classy appearance when applied to garments. We offer machine embroidery using polyester threads. For small designs below 5 cm, embroidery is also not recommended as it will not be eligible.